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Molinari Extra is a sweet and strong liqueur, anise-flavoured, prepared with a recipe the Molinari family will never reveal, made from star anise seeds, sugar, herbs and rather fine and precious spices.

The technical processes are extremely accurate and precise, in order to meet the highest standards of quality – both for the production and the product. Molinari’s production plants feature top equipment, able to operate in a safe environment, in which the standards of hygiene – according to ISO 9000/2001 guidelines – are just impeccable. For this reason (among others) Molinari is a premium product; the “Extra” in the name states the superior quality of our Sambuca.


Pleasant, warm and full on the palate. Full-flavoured, with a long persistence of anise.


Sweet and persistent, with an unmistakable flavour of star anise.


Transparent, crystal-clear.