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Tradition or


Both, of course.

The strong and sweet taste of Molinari Extra makes it perfect for countless recipes for cocktails and long drinks, from simple and refreshing to sophisticated ones.

Some examples?

Molinari Basilicum

The surprise of basil and ginger joins Molinari for a perfect combination.

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Molinari Irish

When Molinari meets coffee, something suggestive always happens.

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Molinari Retrò

Sprinkling cocoa on top can glorify flavours and make a perfect couple with Molinari.

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Molinari White Russian

A shiver goes down your spine, but do not worry – it is just another emotion created by Molinari.

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Moli Cream

An alternative way to fight the heat, with a precious ally such as Molinari.

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Even when it comes to drinks, the looks are important. And the best looking is always Molinari.

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An extra sweet drink to treat yourself at any time, and to warm up the right way for the evening with Molinari.

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Molinari Mojito

Wherever this drink goes, everyone is up for a party. And the fun ain’t happening without Molinari.

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Zammut Cobbler

The right cocktail to enhance Molinari’s taste, when it’s “aperitivo time”.

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Cucumis Collins

Sparkling water adds a surprise on top of other surprises.

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The “espresso classico” today has a twist that wakes up every palate. Molinari docet.

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Extra-virgin olive oil has its glorious moment, too, even if it’s just to roast the hazelnuts to garnish the drink. Molinari does the rest.

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Angelo Fizz

A few spices to add some pepper to the usual cocktail list. And Molinari as the final surprise.

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Molinari Green Tea

Oriental roots for Western palates, even if, in reality, such flavours enamour everywhere, despite the latitude. Just like Molinari.

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Molinari Apple

Lime and mint are a bullet-proof couple, and the apple is the third wheel. The landlord? Molinari.

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Exotic Molinari

Passion fruit juice, strawberry, ginger, mint, Molinari and ice. The perfect company for a drink.

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Molinari Peach

Mint never misses an important appointment. And this event is absolutely unmissable. “Word”, says Molinari.

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Frozen Strawberry Molinari

The smell of strawberries, the cold of ice, the unique flavour of Molinari. There, the pleasure of summer is served.

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